Based upon the wind energy studie of DEWI, it is commercially possible to install 2.000 MW of grid connected wind energy on 4 different sites on the Kola Peninsula. But the vast, sparsly populated eastern part of the Kola Peninsula can accomodate at least 10.000 MW of wind power for domestic use within the Russian Federation. Furthermore, Russia could become the largest producer of on shore wind power of Europe and export large amounts of green electricity from  wind power from the arctic region. and thus transforming the Russian fossil fuel based economy  into a thriving future proof renewable economy.

Located close to existing hydropower stations the wind park has an enormous potential for combining a stable supply of renewable energy.

The wind park is projected to save 450.000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum with an anticipated IRR of > 21 %. Furthermore it will be a strong asset to maintain the ecological balance.

Wind Farm Site with HV power line in back ground.

Wind Farm Site with met mast and HV power line in back ground.