The initial interest of Windlife Renewables dates back from 2001. The Kola peninsula and especially the area east of Murmansk shows exceptional high wind speeds in a relative mild arctic climate because of the influence of the relative warm Atlantic Gulfstream that ends here. This is the reason that the port of Murmansk is ice free also in wintertime.

Signing of PPP with Governor of Murmansk

Signing of PPP with Governor of Murmansk (r) and Paul Logchies (l)

In 2001 the economical and political circumstances where not right for the development of a large wind farm.

The change came when in 2005 Russia became a signatory of the Kyoto Protocol and in 2007 adopted the Electricity Law with a national target for renewables. Further legal Milestones followed in 2007 with the Amendments for Green Energy implemented in Energy Law FZ-35

In 2009 the Government Resolution Nr. 1-p determined the Guidelines of Government Policy RES based Electricity for the period up to 2020.

The Government target for Renewable Energy was determined at 4.5% in 2010 and in 2013 the Capacity based Support Nr. 449 was proclaimed with yearly tenders for renewable energy, organized by the Russian Government.